Beginner SPS Coral

Montipora/Montipora Digitata

        Montipora corals are considered the easiest of the small polyp stony (SPS) corals to keep. These attractive, velvety corals are tolerant of most water parameters including light and water flow. Just make sure your parameters for calcium are kept up and you can have a beautiful display of pinks, purples, green and everything in-between. These are not aggressive corals, but are rather more submissive. Take care to place them away from other corals to protect them and allow them to grow. Keep the Montipora's placement in mind, too. Position the Monti's at the upper to mid levels depending on the light intensity. A Monti will show whether it is happy or not by the coloring. Make sure that no other corals or even algae that can come in contact with your Montipora. Monti's are mild mannered and will end up loosing any chemical warfare. Montipora corals have a symbiotic relationship with a marine algae known as zooxanthellae, and they receive the majority of their nutrients from it. In captivity, they do well in well-feed reef tanks, accepting very fine particulate foods, zooplankton and tiny plankton can be fed once a week. Copepods, Artemia, and nauplii are too large for them to ingest.


       So why should a beginner SPS keeper try a Stylophora? In a word, they are more forgiving. In my experience, Stylos can take punishment that would make other more finicky varieties of SPS turn white and give up. We keep Stylophora mainly in both medium light and medium water flow, something that other SPS corals would not do well in. With all SPS, you want to regularly test calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium because those three elements are the most important to fast-growing stony corals. Tiny amounts of nitrate and phosphate are acceptable, but high levels of either may stop their growth or cause a crash entirely, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on those parameters as well. We do not go out of our way to feed these corals, although they regularly get a spray of cloudy supernate from the frozen food blend we use.


       The Green Pocillopora Coral is an extremely fast growing coral even by SPS standards. Once the coral is established in your reef tank its growth can be explosive once you have provided the right water flow, light, calcium, and other trace elements to the water. They like a moderate to high lighting and moderate water flow.

ORA Purple Stylophora Frag
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Forest Fire Digi
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ORA German Blue Digi Frag
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Green Pocillopora Frag
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