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Who I Am and Why I Started Triton Marine!

I grew up with aquariums; my dad was hobbyist. When I first moved on my own, I had a 20 gallon aquarium with nothing but live rock and a few damsels in it. This tank was nothing special to anyone else, but it was so cool to me and it cemented my love of the hobby. I've had many aquariums through the years, and it's been so fun for me to share this hobby!

I decided to open our store after being repeatedly frustrated by the options, or more accurately, lack of options, available to me locally. I wanted to do things different, and in my opinion, better. We, at Triton Marine, quarantine our fish. We treat all of the animals like they're our pets while they're in our care. We get as many captive bred fish as possible. Our wild caught species are all captured ethically, using eco-friendly methods that don't harm the reefs or the fish themselves. I've done a lot of research into the wholesalers that we order from, so you don't have to worry about buying an expensive fish that will die from cyanide poisoning. The majority of the corals that we sell are aquacultured or grown on coral farms. We dip all of the coral that we receive, which greatly reduces unwanted hitchhikers.

We feel that it's our duty to offer ecologically responsible options so that we're not contributing to damage of the habitats that we love to recreate in our homes. And let's face it, for how much we all spend on this hobby of ours, we want you to be confident that you'll receive a healthy animal when you shop with us.