General terms & conditions

Triton Marine Return Policy

No cash refunds.

Store credit will be given for full amount on unopened, undamaged hard goods within 30 days of purchase with a receipt. Damaged goods (manufacturer defect) will be replaced with like item or returned to manufacturer for repair/replacement depending on manufacturer warranty.

No guarantee on coral or inverts. Health of coral depends too heavily on individual tank parameters, proper lighting, and placement. Inverts are very sensitive to changing water parameters, and we cannot be responsible for improper acclimation. We take every precaution to keep our animals healthy while in our care, and do not sell animals that we feel are unhealthy.

We offer store credit for fish that have been through the quarantine process that die within 7 days of purchase, with a receipt, water sample from your tank, and proof of death (body or good quality photo). You must contact us within the 7 day time period. You have to come in within 8 days to receive credit. The 7 day guarantee excludes wrasse and anthias. Wrasse and anthias have a 24 hour guarantee after the quarantine process. You must contact us within 24 hours and come in within 48 hours to receive credit. No guarantee on fish sold out of quarantine tanks. No credit for fish that have come to an untimely death due to power heads, overflows, bullying, jumping out of tank, etc. No credit will be given for fish that are returned due to circumstances that are out of Triton Marine's control: bullying by other fish, illness, nipping at coral or inverts, buyer's remorse, etc.

Store credit will be issued for DOA items at the discretion of Triton Marine. Customer is responsible for shipping of item replacing DOA item. DOA credits cannot be used toward sale items.


Our fish, coral and Inverts are shipped in 100% synthetic seawater which is properly mixed and aerated prior to packing. No chemicals or tranquilizers are used in the shipping water. Fish are kept and shipped at a specific gravity at 1.022-1.026 and invertebrates are kept and shipped at 1.023-1.025. All of our fish and invertebrates are packed in heavy duty polyethylene bags custom made for each item to insure safe arrival. In addition, most of our bags utilize black liners to further reduce fish stress (if needed). Each bag is filled with fresh saltwater (not the water from the collection containers) and pure oxygen is added for fish respiration. Temperatures along shipping routes are determined each day and heat and ice packs are added to individual boxes as needed. We use Styrofoam inner boxes and corrugated outer cartons for all shipments.

We send shipments every day of the business week from Monday-Thursday. We do not ship out on Friday.

D.O.A Policy:

We’ve found that the only carrier we can rely on and trust is FedEx. When your order ships, you will receive an e-mail containing your item number(s) and tracking number in order to make arrangements to sign for your order on arrival.

All livestock will require a “Direct Signature” for delivery. This means someone from your home over the age of 18 must sign for the delivery. Packages WILL NOT be left on a doorstep without a signature. For packages that are signed for by a neighbor, the standard DOA policy will be void.

We also suggest having your order shipped to your local FedEx facility for hold until pick-up. This prevents your animals from traveling around in the back of a hot/cold FedEx truck all day long. Also, most packages are available for pick-up by 8:30am local time. Should you choose this option, we require pick-up within 3 hours of arrival of your package or DOA policy is void. In order to have your package held at your local FedEx, please make a note in the “comments” section of the checkout page, or shoot us an email right after your purchase.

Carrier delays due to mechanical failures, weather, or random acts of God which result in loss will not be covered under the guarantee.

If a package is rejected for any reason, the customer will be responsible for the full cost of the shipping invoice.

Acclimation Procedure:


We recommend a float and release procedure. Float the fish in the unopened shipping bag for 15-30 minutes until bag temperature is the same as tank temperature. Open shipping bag and release fish into aquarium, being careful not to put shipping water into aquarium. We recommend keeping lights very low during acclimation to reduce stress.

Shipping water can become toxic to the fish very quickly when exposed to oxygen as ammonia levels rise. Customers that drip acclimate their fish void the guarantee and DOA policy. Acclimation boxes are extremely stressful for fish that feel they cannot hide or protect themselves in their new environment and customers that use acclimation boxes void the guarantee.

Coral and inverts:

Coral and inverts are much more sensitive to changes in water parameters. We recommend a drip acclimation procedure for all coral and inverts. Float the unopened shipping bags for 15-30 minutes to temperature acclimate. Once temperature of shipping water is the same as aquarium water proceed with drip acclimation. Certain coral get extremely stressed during shipping, so Triton Marine will not be responsible for additional stress or loss caused by improper acclimation or use of coral dips. Please contact us immediately with any questions or concerns upon receiving your shipment! 

Special Order Policy:

Triton Marine requires a nonrefundable 50% deposit before placing special orders. Triton Marine only places special orders for local pick up, no shipping is available for special orders. Special orders must be picked up within 48 hours of arrival at Triton Marine unless prior arrangements have been made. If special order livestock has not been picked up within the 48 hour time frame, it is considered abandoned by the original customer and will be available for sale to the general public. Triton Marine is not responsible for quarantining any special orders. Triton Marine does not offer guarantees on special order livestock as they have not been through our quarantine procedures. If Triton Marine considers special order livestock to be unhealthy or unsaleable before it is picked up, we will order a new specimen at our discretion.