Our Quarantine Procedure

How we keep our fish healthy and why we do it for you!

When the fish arrive, we temperature acclimate and adjust the pH in the tank water if necessary. Any of the fish that are showing signs of ammonia poisoning are treated using detoxifiers and/or methylene blue. Once the fish are in the tanks, we keep the lights out for at least a day and black the tank out completely for any fish that's having an especially hard time acclimating. 

Much later in the day, we attempt the first feeding. We start the fish on a wide variety of frozen foods and seaweed. We observe each fish to see what they're eating and adjust our mixture accordingly. Within a few days to a week we start adding pellet food into the mix. We feed several brands of pellets as well, since some fish will eat one brand readily but completely ignore another brand. 

We observe the fish for at least 4 weeks.  Most diseases and parasitic infections will show symptoms within the first 3 weeks. We medicate only when necessary to avoid compromising the immune system of the fish with unnecessary medicines. If medication is needed, we list the fish as "not for sale" during treatment and at least a week afterwards for further observation. 

Even though we quarantine our fish, we still recommend that you do too! Quarantining is the best way to avoid heartbreaking loss in your aquarium. All it takes is "rescuing" one unhealthy fish and exposing your tank to whatever it's carrying to wipe out your entire fish population. Trust us, letting your tank go fallow for 9 weeks to clear out disease is no fun.