Current Size: 3.5" Captive bred in our facility!

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Maximum size: 8"


Minimum tank size: 30g for a pair, 15g added for each additional pair


Soft coral safe*


Seahorses have very specific needs! They do best in species specific set ups. Seahorses have fairly weak immune systems, so they are prone to infection or disease if exposed to other fish. If you're going to risk keeping them with other fish, they need to be slow, peaceful fish...gobies, cardinals, etc. Most soft corals are safe, you'll just want to avoid elephant ear mushrooms. Seahorses cannot be kept with any coral that stings or has sweeper tentacles, so almost all LPS corals are out. They're ok with SPS, but most seahorse tanks run too "dirty" to keep SPS happy. Macro algaes are a pretty way to keep your nutrients down while giving your seahorses somewhere to hitch and hunt for pods.


They do best in lower temperatures, we keep ours between 72-74 degrees. If the water gets around 78, they'll develop bacterial issues. Any heaters or powerheads need to be protected to avoid injury. They're messy, so an oversized skimmer is very highly recommended. They eat frozen mysis shrimp and need to be fed at least twice a day. They eat a lot and poop a lot, so frequent water changes are necessary to keep your nitrates and phosphates in ideal range. Nassarius snails are a great way to help clean up the extra food.


See our seahorse care page for more info!